19.11.2008, ana . . . hello,
i would like to know if you have and how much is the return tickert Zagreb-Lyon-Zagreb? and how frequently do the buses go? is it through Eurolines?
thank you
21.11.2008, Goran . . . Same question was quested before few days.Price of one-way ticket Zagreb-Lyon is 675 kn.Price of return ticket is 20% cheaper.Buses goes every 7 days ( 21.11.,28.11.,05.12...) in 21:00 o'clock from Zagreb bus station.
07.11.2008, Benard . . . Hello.Can you tell me in please when in April is any bus between Nis(Serbia) to Zagreb and how much costs the price.Thank you very much.
11.11.2008, Goran . . . Well, we found two lines that are going from Niš to Zagreb, in April, at 11:55 and 20:55 o'clock.Price of one way ticket is 263 kn.
02.11.2008, Ksenia . . . Hello! I'd like to know whether it's possible to go from Podgorica to Zabljak by bus/train/commuter train? An if so, where can I find the timetable and the price list? Thank you!
03.11.2008, Goran . . . I'm affraid, but we dont have that information.Good Luck!
26.10.2008, Stephanie . . . What is the price for the bus from Zagreb to Zadar (Thurs.) 7:30am-11:15am? And how can I purchase them ahead of time? Thank you.
27.10.2008, Goran . . . Price for the bus line Zagreb-Zadar, is between 105 and 165 kunas.For further information call bus station in Zagreb.Good luck!
23.10.2008, Janka . . . i wanted to know if there is a bus from zadar to zurich (CH)
24.10.2008, Goran . . . Unfortunately we dont have that information, but there is a bus line from Zadar to Zagreb, and from Zagreb to Zurich.Good luck!